Saturday, February 20, 2010

Get Your Hearts in Gear and Grab a Diet Coke!

Now-a-days the media is running amok with the new fad to be thin. Personally, i am proud of my curves and my certain features that I was graced with. Plus, I am to in love with food to ever give it up to be a stick figure. Due to this new look many junk food industries are hurting. However, some are adapting their products or creating new ones under their company to change with the times. The Coca-Cola Company has always had diet drinks but now they have Vitamin waters and other forms of beverages not considered soda. The campaign/event that I am talking about today is the Heart Truth Campaign.

Each year, Di
et Coke is proud to sponsor The Heart Truth's Red Dress Collection Fashion Show to raise awareness for women's heart health. Celebrated women wear one-of-a-kind red dresses designed by America's top designers. Diet Coke has helped sponsor this event for the past three years. The Coca-Cola company sent out its Press release about them working with the Heart Truth on Febuary 4th, 2010. It was about how Diet Coke is partneing with the Heart Truth to put on the fashion show and what other programs or advertisting that Coke would do.

There were two quotes within the article that would draw attention. One was from Heidi Klum herself, about how she is honored that Coke is an ambassored for the program. Also, the second one was from the Brand Director of Diet Coke North America. You can read both of these quotes and the press release here.

At the actual event the background to the red carpet and posters on the catwalk had Diet Coke's symbol on it. This was showing everyone who either watched the fashion show on TV, were participating in the event or heard about the event that Coke cares about people's health and is trying to help make strides to make everyone in the world aware of this. I watched a video on Diet Coke's Website that was taken at the event. There was a woman who was speaking about Diet Coke and how it is a part of the healthy lifestyle. Click here to watch the video and see pictures from the event. CLICK ME!!

Not only was Coke publicized at the event by showing their sponsorship but it is being spread worldwide. First off, there will be limited edition packaging that will tell about one woman's journey from heart health awareness to empowerment to advocacy. Also, on 6 billion cans throughout the year the Heart Truth's logo will appear. The website for Diet Coke is also on the can to promote its website.

This is another good PR move. Not only are the cans going out to millions of people but it says to find out more about how to keep your heart healthy go to their website. Once you are there the main image is of the Heart Truth. They have a calendar of different activities to do each day to maintain heart heath and how to basically live a well balanced life.

I believe that the PR team is doing a good job. Not only will everyone know from the advertising that coke is doing to promote the Heart Truth and a healthy lifestyle but the Press release and pitch letter that were made to the media is helping to get the point across to more people. If you just type in heart truth or type in heart truth and coke many articles from different newspaper and online publications come up. It sparked interest in reporters which led them to help market the event further. There are also two commercials that were made that can be seen on you tube and Diet Cokes website. One was aired during the Oscars that tried to convince people to go out and buy coke and use the rewards to win Heidi Klums dress that she wore for the Fashion Show. This is a link to the other commercial HEART COMMERCIAL!!

Go to for more information about what they are doing to help promote awareness. Also, go to to learn about your hearts health!!!!


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