Saturday, February 13, 2010

Coke and Social Media

Coke has always been known for their commercials. Many of their commercials deal with singing, everyone uniting or the kindness and love of a friendship. One of the first commercials have three women singing and promoting their slogan of the time. it was "Thirst Asks Nothing More." The tone is catchy and will be stamped into the costumers head so they remember this product. Coke has a commercial called "I Like to Teach the World to Sing". This has been remade a couple of times. This is showing a couple of things. It is showing how coke is unifying the world and that coke is for everyone, they are showing how their change commercials for the season because it says Season Greetings and it is showing how it is a catchy tone that is a feel good commercial. If you even look at the recent commercials from the Superbowl with the Simpsons and how the town comes together and gives the guy that is mean to everyone a coke to fit in. Another way that the commercials have changed for season is the most famous of all. The Polar Bear commercials. This are by far my favorite commercials during the holiday seasons for coke. What is making this New and social media is the fact that these commercials are posted on youtube and on their website. They have links to commercials from their site to youtube and the most recent commercials on their website. It just reinforces the adverting and the use of the Internet to promote their product.

On their website they have many links that direct you to their use of the new media. On the bottom of the homepage there are tabs that are colored to make it more eye appealing. They direct you to different categories. The first is the blog that is read directly off their site, the next is advertising, our system, leadership and finally Coca-Cola on the web. The best part of this tab is that it just doesn't direct you to the link for Cokes twitter, facebook, flickr, youtube or myspace account. It has a link to all of their companies websites. These websites have just as much detail and links to their own social media sites right on their website. For example look at the fanta website. It has the theme song that everyone knows how to sing and the girls right on the first page. Also on the first page is the links to facebook and myspace.

In my opinion they are utilizing the web to its full potential. They have certain employees monitoring these pages constantly and keeping it up to date. On the fantans facebook they updated it everyday counting down the days till the contest was over to be the next fantana. It also told them to watch MTV made to view their newest commercial. On the Coke's Twitter the company is tracking what people are saying about their products. If people have questions they are answering it right away and if they are saying something good about their company they write a tweet thanking them. It is showing that they care about their customers. They are utilizing the media relations the best way.

The company is also using rich media. They have a virtual tour of their products.. Here they are using flash and shockwave to allow their costumers to interact with their website and products. I never knew all the products that the Coca-Cola Company had until playing around on this website and finding their descriptions. The company is also using the RSS feeds for people who want to stay up to date with the news about the company. When i clicked on it it asks you which type of homepage you would like to put RSS on. This allows people to see the company in the news every time they log onto the Internet. With people being online all the time this is a major accomplishment. If they click on a link it will bring them to the website and to the vast opportunity to click on any one of their other new media lists.

The PR person for Coca-Cola is doing an outstanding job and I do not think there could be anymore for the company to do. They are all over the Internet on different websites and are keeping those websites up to date and the costumers that communicate with them there happy. This is a success story.


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